Himachal Tourism

When it comes to travel and tourism, India provides loads of options for tourists. Every year many tourists from all over the world come to India and visit many different tourist destinations of the country, which include everything from corded developed metro cities to remote villages, heritage rich forts and palaces and scenic natural beauty, thus providing a right mix for the vacation lovers. One such popular tourist destination is Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations and travel and tourism comprises a large section of the states income. Let us learn a little more about the same to make it simpler for you to plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh.

Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh Located in North India, this state landlocked and bordered by Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Snow clad mountains, perennial rivers and breathtaking flora and fauna, makes Himachal a replica of heaven.

Location - Western Himalayas
Elevation - 1148 to 22996 feet above sea level
Area - 34594 miles
Capital - Shimla
Districts - 12
Rivers - Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, and Yamuna (perennial rivers)

The variation in elevation leads to a huge variation in the climate of state. The northern and eastern mountain ranges experience glacial and extremely cold environment due to high elevation. On the other hand western and southern parts of the state experience sub-humid tropical to hot climate, owing to comparatively low elevation.



  • Season - summer, winter and rainy season
  • Summer temperature range - 82F to 90F (April to end of June)
  • Winters (November to Mid march) - extremely cold in high elevation and experiences snowfall Rains (July to October)

Flora and Fauna:

The extremity in weather and elevation gives rise to varied flora and fauna in this region. One can get to see different types of forests in the region, such as -

  • Tropical and sub tropical dry broadleaf forests
  • Tropical and subtropical moist leaf forests
  • Northwestern thorn scrub forests
  • Deciduous forests
  • Subtropical pine leaf forests, etc.

Carnations, chrysanthemums, marigolds, roses, tulips, lilies are cultivated in this area. There are more than 1200 bird and 359 species of animals found in this state. Leopard, snow leopard, musk deer, ghoral, etc., increase the heritage of this region. The state has 12 sanctuaries and major national parks of India.

Geographical Distribution:

The state is divided in 12 districts and each of this district has some or the other tourist attraction that attracts tourists from all over India and world. Speaking from tourism point of view let us discuss about the top 5 tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh and other popular tourist destinations of the state.

  • Shimla: The summer capital of the state and India during the British reign, still is the most sought after hill station of India. Colonial style buildings, historical railways, church with beautiful glass paintings, scenic views of scandal point and viceregal lodge, prove to be a bliss for the tourists. Toy train ride, adventure sports, beautiful flora and fauna, and perfect climate, make it a perfect romantic getaway for couples and adventure sports getaway for sports and fun lovers.

  • Manali: It is a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure sports making it a perfect getaway for tourists. In winters, the place is covered with snow and sports like ice hockey, snow skiing, etc., are very popular.

  • Dharamsala and MacLeod Ganj: Dharamsala is the residence of the peace guru of the world Dalai Lama and many Tibetans have followed this great preacher here. Buddhist temples, monks, Buddhism meditation, Tibetan language and cooking classes, volunteer work, etc., are one of the many reasons for tourists being attracted to this region. There are many museums, monasteries, gompas, and temples, which are renowned tourist attractions of the place. Tsuglagkhang Comples is Dalai Lama's residence and many followers visit him here.

  • Spiti: This is comparatively unexplored tourist place as it has been opened to foreign tourists only since 1991. For maximum proportion of the year the area s covered with snow. One has to cross Manali while traveling to Spiti and thus, provides scenic beauty that makes the journey memorable for the tourist.

  • Dalhousie: This place reflects the British Raj over India and the monuments or constructions are reminiscent of that era. Chamba valley comprises of many fascinating temples, tribes, etc.

All in all Himachal Pradesh is perfect getaway from hustle bustle of city life providing fresh air, fresh fruits and vegetables, and incomparable scenic beauty for tourists.