Gujarat Tourism - Best Places to Visit

Incredible India has highlighted the various tourist attractions and scenic beauty of India. Through its incredible India campaign focusing on different states of India, every state gets a place in the Indian tourism and thus, helps the local residents earn through travel and tourism. One such campaign is initiated by Gujarat travel and tourism department of Gujarat. Located at the westernmost tip of India, Gujarat is blessed with all that a tourist wishes to see and enjoy while on a vacation. With the Indian film industry's superstar, Amitabh Bachchan endorsing the tourism of Gujarat, It has managed to create a distinct identity for the state in the global tourism. Amitabh Bachchan is recognized almost all over the world and with him endorsing this state, the tourism of Gujarat has definitely flourished. Let us learn a little more about the climate, accessibility, and tourist attractions of Gujarat. Tourist places in Gujarat

Location: West India


  • October to February - chilling winters
  • March to June - scorching summers
  • July to September - rains


Gujarat is easily accessible via air, road, or rail. The government of Gujarat focuses highly on the tourism of Gujarat and thus, ensures that the tourists can easily reach Gujarat with any mode of transport convenient to them. Rajasthan and Mumbai are also very close to Gujarat and one can also come via these states.


Flora and Fauna:

Flora and fauna of Gujarat is quite varied because of high variations in climate and topography. Rann of Kachch only has shrubs and plants like cactus, that thrive in the harsh climate of desert. The land is fertile, beautiful and prosperous on the coastline from Kutch in the West to Daman in South, the hill line from Aravali in the East to the Western hills with lush green forests, large and small rivers as well the plains in the middle.

Tourist Destinations

Gujarat has a number of historical monuments, religious places, and its own hill station. The soil of Gujarat reminds us of the Father of Nation - Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Krishna.

Another very important characteristic of Gujarat is that liquor and no vegetarian food is strictly banned in Gujarat. This is the reason that McDonalds also had to open its first only vegetarian outlet in Gujarat. We have listed a few tourist destinations here to help you explore this tourist destination of India: There are different tourist attractions in different parts of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Sabarmati, Vadodara, Saputara, Surat, etc.

  1. Porbandar - Porbandar is famous for its Porbandar Beach, Kirti Mandir Temple, Satyanarayan Mandir Temple, Bileshwar Shiva Temple, Gop Hindu Temple,Rokadia Hanuman Temple, Jadeshwar Temple, Bhuthnath Mahadev Temple, etc. Porbandar is also the birth place of freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. Thus, many history lovers are highly attracted to this place. Besides, it has many temples as mentioned above, which attract tourists and devotees alike.

  2. Ahmedabad - When we speak about Ahmedabad, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Sabarmati Ashram. It is the place Mahatma Gandhi/Bapu resided and is considered extremely holy. With peaceful surroundings, simple architecture and hygienic facilities, tourists visit this place and get drenched in the life and simplicity of this national hero.

    The other famous places are Adalaj Step - Well, Hathee Singh Jain Temple, Calico Museum of Textiles, Sidi Saiyed's Mosque, Kankaria Lake, Akshardham Temple, Swawinarayan Mandir, etc.

    The world recognized IIM college of Business Management is located here in Ahmedabad.

  3. Vadodara - Vadodara is famous for its palaces, museum, temples, etc. Laxmi-Vilas Palace, Maharaja Palace, Maharaja Fatesingh Museum, S-Cube Water Park, Akkalkoth Swami Math, ISKON Temple, etc.

  4. Saputara - Saputara has a comparatively pleasant climate. It is famous for sunset point, forest nursery, Gira Waterfalls, Echo Point, Townview Point, etc. Localites also turn to Saputara to get a relief from the scorching summers. It is thus, termed as Gujarat's own hill station. Besides this, there are also many tourist attractions in Surat, Somnath, Junagadh, etc.

One can also choose from different tourist packages available in Gujarat like Classic Package, Heritage Gujarat, etc., that can help tourist customize their tour and get the best of their vacation.