Chandigarh Tourism Guide - Best Places to Visit

Chandigarh Tourist Places Chandigarh travel and tourism is at its peak owing to beautiful theme parks, mouth watering local food delicacies, and jolly environment owing to the jolly people of the state. Tourists from different corners of India and world come and explore the beautiful theme gardens of Chandigarh. If you are planning a trio to Chandigarh or wish to shortlist on your tourist destination, the information given below on Chandigarh's travel and tourism will prove highly helpful for you.

Geographical Location: Located in North India

Season - Winter, summer and rains. Scorching heat from March to June and extreme cold from November to February.


By Road - well connected by roads and easy availability of buses, cabs, jeeps, etc.

By Rail - well connected to different parts of the country via rail

By Air - Nearest airport in Delhi


List of Tourist Attractions - Chandigarh Tourism

Leisure Valley: The most beautiful and popular tourist attraction of Chandigarh is Leisure valley. Leisure Valley is garland of gardens that surrounds and beautifies the city with beautiful theme parks covering different parts of the city. Beginning from sector 1 Rajendra Park, which is used for walks, yoga, jogging, etc., it goes up to sector 3 in the Bougainvellia Garden. In sector 16 it takes the form of rose garden that puts forth beautiful roses that tourists admire. From there it takes a curve and enters sector 23. In every sector, it has a different theme park and thus, offers a splendid vision for tourists.chandigarh rock garden

Rock Garden: In today's scenario where recycling and preserving the environment has become a necessity, Rock Garden is a perfect example of the same. The huge garden consists of many artwork and structures made out of rock, industrial and urban waste. Discarded materials like forks, frames, mudguards, play marbles, wires, bangles, etc., are used to put various creations for visitors. The uncommon theme makes it unusual for tourists and thus, is a famous tourist attraction.

Sukhna Lake: The fact that distinct this lake from other lakes is that it is manmade lake located at the foothills of Shivalik range. Created in 1958, the lake was created by damming Sukhna Choe, a seasonal stream flowing from Shivalik hills. It is a great picnic spot, which attract tourists who wish to witness the fresh morning breeze and water sports for sport lovers. Serene environment at this lake makes it apt for meditation. One can also relish the humming of birds and enjoy and relax their senses away from the crowded city life.

Open Hand: This is a very unique and famous monument located in sector 1 of Chandigarh. Made out of giant metal sheets and carved in the form of open hand it rotates with the wind indicating the direction of wind. Weighing around 50 tonnes it is 14 meters high. Open hand puts forth the message of peace and unity. It is also the official emblem of the city.

With so many tourist attractions the tourists can also satisfy their taste buds with the North Indian delicacies. Milk products and Punjabi food is a weakness of many food lovers. When are you experiencing and exploring Chandigarh?